Understanding Chiropractic Care

3 Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Pregnancy

One of the most common symptoms that occurs during pregnancy is lower back pain. The pain usually starts in the second half of the pregnancy and last until the baby is born. If you are experiencing back pain, it is important to understand what is causing it and what you can do to alleviate it. […]

Tips For Managing Chronic Back Pain Without Medication

Chronic back pain is nothing to take lightly. If you’re struggling with chronic lower back pain, you might find yourself looking for options beyond the standard over-the-counter medications. Luckily, there are a number of different options for managing the pain that don’t require you to take any medication. Here’s a look at a few treatments […]

How Massage Therapy Is Useful For Treating Insomnia

According to the American Psychological Association, getting an adequate amount of sleep is vital for a person’s health and wellbeing. The problem is that too many people do not get enough sleep, and this occurs with some people because of insomnia. If you suffer from insomnia and have not had any luck taking medicine to […]

Understanding Chinese Medicine’s Assessment Of Organs

If you’ve ever seen an acupuncturist before, they may have told you that one of your organs is weak or overly stressed. While this can be a frightening assessment, it’s important to understand the difference between traditional Chinese medicine’s assessment of the organs and western medicine’s assessment. This guide will explain what your acupuncturist meant […]

The Webster Technique And What It Can Do For Pregnant Moms

As a pregnant mom, you probably have spent at least some time worrying that your birth may not go smoothly. While difficult births do happen and cannot be 100% prevented, there are some things you can do to decrease your chances of complications and difficulty during birth. One of these things is visiting your chiropractor. […]

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Three Questions To Ask As A New Chiropractic Patient

If you’ve made the decision to visit a chiropractor to find relief of what ails you, you can expect to experience a noticeable reduction in your pain through the adjustments you’ll soon experience. Chiropractic care can offer relief for myriad types of pain, including backaches and headaches. Your first appointment gives you the opportunity to […]

What To Do When Your Job Becomes A Pain In Your Neck

If you frequently go home from work with a headache, you may be experiencing a repetitive motion injury. Work that requires you to hold your head in a certain position for hours at a time can exhaust the muscles in your neck. A trip to your chiropractor will relieve those tired muscles and get rid […]

Pains And Mobility Issues As A Veteran? Get Chiropractic Help

There’s a lot of medication on the market for back, neck and general joint pain, but medication isn’t the only answer. The military seeks to keep its service-members fit to serve, but far too often, a service-member needs to simply take a few pills and fight through the day. After transitioning to a civilian lifestyle, […]

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Three Things To Avoid After Your Trip To The Chiropractor

During a visit to your chiropractor, the assessment and adjustment often take minimal time, which means that soon after you arrive, you’ll be on your way again. Unlike some other types of health appointments, your actions in the hours after your chiropractic appointment can either promote or limit your body’s ability to heal. While your […]

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How Chiropractic Impulse Adjusting Instruments Help Patients

People have been using chiropractors as a means to alleviate back pain, joint pain, and even headaches for decades. There are many different techniques a chiropractor can use to help patients with various pain related issues. Just like lasers have now become a common replacement for scalpels in surgery, new technology is being developed to […]

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