There are so many different types of injuries that can happen to your back and various ways in which those injuries can be treated. To learn more about some of the types of back injuries that tend to be quite common and to learn more about ways in which back injuries can be treated, read here:

Common back injuries

Pulled muscles – It's very easy to pull a muscle in your back, even if you try to be careful. Something as normal as a sneeze can be all it takes to pull a muscle in your back. If you have a pulled muscle, then the pain can range from an irritating pain to one that is so debilitating that you find it nearly impossible to even sit up. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers along with ice and rest are often the chosen treatments for this. However, in extreme cases you may be given a shot of a stronger anti-inflammatory that can really help.

Disc bulges – You have discs between your vertebrae that act as cushion to protect them from grinding on one another. These discs can end up protruding from between your vertebrae, which can cause a lot of pain and lead to many other issues, such as numbness and tingling, difficulty walking, etc. Treatments can range from pain management to surgery. Physical therapy is often suggested for this type of injury because it can help with everything from learning how to follow safer body mechanics to helping strengthen the muscles in your back, so you won't experience as much pain.

Sciatica – You have a large and long nerve that is called your sciatic nerve. It goes from your lower back all the way down both legs. Should your sciatic nerve end up being pinched or compressed, then it can cause you a lot of pain. The pain can center in the lower portion of your back. Or, the pain can end up going all the way down one or even both of your legs. The condition can be temporary or chronic. Medications can help relieve some of the pain. Also, physical therapy can help to relieve the pressure on the nerve, as well as help relieve symptoms in other ways. In many cases, seeing a chiropractor can also help.


If you are having back pains or if you injured your back, then you want to be checked out medically to make sure the injuries are not severe and so you can have the proper treatments. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Burgman Chiropractic Clinic PC.