People have been using chiropractors as a means to alleviate back pain, joint pain, and even headaches for decades. There are many different techniques a chiropractor can use to help patients with various pain related issues. Just like lasers have now become a common replacement for scalpels in surgery, new technology is being developed to help chiropractors try new and improved treatment methods, An impulse adjusting instrument is now found in many modern chiropractor's offices and is designed to make treatment easier.

What Is Impulse Adjustment?

An impulse adjusting instrument helps deliver precise levels of low electronic frequencies to pinpointed areas of the body. This instrument works by using a small circuit board that is housed inside of a probe shaped tool. The chiropractor can apply the tool directly to the lower back, knee joints, and even to the temples for patients suffering from migraines. This method prevents the need for the chiropractor to apply physical pressure to the patient, making treatment more pleasant while still being effective. The frequencies can be adjusted higher or lower depending on the individual's needs.

How It Helps

The body is comprised of millions of nerve endings that are found throughout the body. When the spine or joints are not properly aligned, the nerves can become irritated or experience pressure, causing pain. Pain is an indicator to you that something is wrong and your body compensates by becoming stiffer, feeling sore, or becoming tired. The impulse adjustment tool helps to alleviate pressure on the nerves, resulting in relief. When the electrical impulses enter the body, it sends a signal to the nerves at the source of the problem and helps them become more relaxed. With repetitive treatment, there is no need for patients to need prescription medication and pain relieving drugs that can be harmful to the liver and other organs over time.

What Impulse Adjustment Is Like For The Patient

When you see your chiropractor for an impulse adjustment treatment, the doctor will ask you to tell them where the problem areas are located. They will apply the impulse adjustment tool directly to those areas, and you will feel a light tapping sensation. This feeling is caused by the electrical impulses entering the body. The process is painless, and the chiropractor can always increase or decrease the levels according to your needs. Over time, you should begin to feel pain relief as well as increased mobility and reduced headaches. If you're interested in trying this new form of chiropractic treatment, ask your chiropractor about using it instead of traditional methods. Contact a chiropractor like Findlay Chiropractic Clinic PC for more information.