During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes to prepare for the delivery of your baby, including the separation of the pubic symphysis. The pubic symphysis joint should move back together after you deliver your child. But if the joint remains separated from the pubic bones, you develop a problem called pubic symphysis diastasis. Pubic symphysis diastasis is a painful condition that may hinder your ability to recover post-delivery. A chiropractor can help you feel better with the treatments below.

Sacroiliac Belt

A number of chiropractors prescribe sacroiliac belts to clients who experience pubic symphysis diastasis. The belt supports the pelvic region, which can weaken from pubic symphysis diastasis. The pubic symphysis joint uses strong ligaments to attach to the pubic bones. The ligaments stretch to accommodate the birth of your baby and spring back in place after delivery. But if the ligaments don't move back in place, the muscles that support the pelvis lose their stability and sag.

You may develop problems urinating because of the weak muscles, such as pain and dribbling. Performing certain actions, such as walking and running, also become issues you face. The the ligaments of the pubic symphysis joint may need to bear the weight of the pelvis, which increases your episodes of pain.

The sacroiliac belt is used to lift up the pelvis and pubic bones. You typically position the belt around the lower half of your pelvis and secure it with adjustable straps. The belt comes in a thin material that you can hide beneath a long shirt or over your underpants when you go out. A chiropractor may ask you to wear the belt during the day, night or both, depending on how much support you need for your condition.

A chiropractor will normally custom-fit and make your sacroiliac belt before prescribing it. The wrong size belt may not support your pelvis properly. However, it's a good idea that you discuss the specifications of your belt with a chiropractor during a private consultation.

Massage and Water Therapy

Massage is another treatment that can help alleviate your pubic pain. Massage releases tension in the muscles of your pelvis, as well as strengthens the ligaments of the pubic symphysis joints. Although the tissues are weak, they can still build up tension from supporting your pelvic bones. A chiropractor may have you see a massage therapist in the office or refer you to someone who can perform the treatment.

If the bones or joints of your pelvis lock up from the strain and tension placed on them, a chiropractor may order water therapy along with your massage treatment to help you feel better. Water therapy uses the gentle forces of water to exercise your lower body, which eliminates excessive stress on your pelvic tissues. 

If you want to know more about the treatments above or speak to a chiropractor, like North Star Chiropractic Center, directly.