Even after you receive chiropractic treatment on a regular basis, chronic back pain can still be a big problem in your life, especially if you live an active lifestyle. In order to offer better treatment options to you, a research company plans to introduce a new device that helps chiropractors control your back pain through your feet. Here's how the new technology works and why it may be a option for you in the future.

What Does the Device Do and Why?

The device is comprised of unique sensors that fit securely in your footwear. The sensors monitor the pressure applied on your feet when you walk, run or stand up, such as during long work hours. Many specialists agree that body pressure can trigger back pain when it's placed directly on your feet. Current chiropractic treatments, such as spinal disc decompression therapy, alleviate most of the pain, but the pain can return when you become active again.

Like your hips and knees, your feet can bear much of your body's weight during your activities. Because your feet contain a large network of nerves, they react to the excessive weight by sending pain signals to your brain. But before the pain signals reach your brain, they must travel through the large sciatic nerves hidden deep within your legs, hips and lower back. The pain you feel in your back is an active response to the distress caused in your feet.

The new device will monitor and record the amount of pressure applied to your feet. A chiropractor will download or extract the data from the device through a computer or some other technology during your visits. Once a chiropractor has the data, they will use it to tweak or adjust your treatment to control your back pain. 

How Does a Chiropractor Use the Device to Adjust Your Treatment?

One of the things a chiropractor may do is prescribe you better orthotic treatments to wear in your footwear. Although orthotic cushions and insoles help relieve pressure on your feet, your current prescription may not be sufficient. To remedy this problem and remove the pressure from your feet, a chiropractor may order thicker insoles or prescribe special shoes for you to wear during activities.

Customizing your footwear is viable option for you. To deliver back pain relief chiropractors may use the device's data to design or order shoes that fit the exact curves of your insteps, outsteps and heels. The footwear gives your feet enough room to move around without placing pressure on the nerves inside them.

A chiropractor may use the device's data is adjust the tissues and bones in your feet so that they don't lie directly against or on your nerves. For example, if you experience the most pain in the bottoms or insteps of your feet, a chiropractor can focus on these areas during your appointments. A chiropractor can discuss your treatment options with you during your visits.

For more details about the new technology and how it may help you in the future, contact a chiropractic specialist today.